Journey through the Eras

Embrace the opportunity to travel back in time to the Paris, New York, and Italy of old. A fresh walk through the streets that have inspired humans for decades.

LES 04449 2016

Impressions of Humanity

LES 05538 2017
Enduring Thanks
LES 01537 2016
Fashion Forward
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Upbeat Disarray

Contributing To Bettering Mental Health

My goal with sharing these photos is to brighten your day. The stories are a reflection of how much power comes from sitting with a single photo and letting it have meaning for you.

Because of this, 10% of the profit from each photo proudly supports mental health research at the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation. They use 100% of their donations to fund grants for mental health research.

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Scenes Beyond the Sidewalk

Fresh sights from the heart of the city.

Beyond the set
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Recent Reviews

5 out of 5 stars

My print turned out amazing!

It fits perfectly in my entryway. I love the little story that comes with the print explaining where the photo was taken. The website is very user friendly and aesthetically pleasing. Truly a great experience!


5 out of 5 stars

Causes me to slow down

In a world flooded with fast imagery, Nathan's photography causes me to slow down, to consider the story, to stay awhile and wonder.

The photograph of the fox - The fox is totally unaware of the photographer, makes me feel like a fly on the wall - or a petal on these purple flowers reviewing the world from his perspective.

Paul Hassell - Professional Adventure Photographer