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Fashion Forward




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"Fashions fade, style is eternal." —Yves Saint Laurent

It may seem that fashion is always changing, pushing in a rapid pace towards the next “big thing”. However, if you speak to leaders in the fashion industry, they will tell you that the start of any great design is executing strong basics, and exhibiting the perfect little details. That’s why even here as we travel back in time to 1950’s Paris, Les couldn’t miss an opportunity to snap this street scene. Fashion is always moving forward but it has a way of turning in on itself, of knowing what works and bringing all the best bits of the past forward to the present.

The woman pictured here with the floral skirt isn’t worried about if someone will notice her, she is hoping they do. It’s easy to picture her strolling down the street on a warm Paris afternoon, head high and shoulders back, the florals of this skirt swaying with her step. Even now, if she walked out onto a 21st-century street, heads would turn and women would ask (or wish they were brave enough to) where she purchased her beautiful piece. Florals have a timeless beauty, and it is with good reason that the floral industry has proven it is around to stay. Even the older woman standing ahead, holding a bright bouquet would agree that flowers are a fit for any occasion.

That’s where the magic in this picture rests. Les managed once again to capture a picture of fashionable beauty that would stand the test of time. We could move the woman from this photo and into more modern times and yet; a viewer couldn’t deny her good taste, the eye-catching pattern of her skirt, and even the perfect silhouette with a belt-cinched waist. Les knew beauty, was drawn to it, and he managed to freeze it for eternal enjoyment in photos such as this. What Les gifted to the viewers of this photo is a reminder that though time moves on, some things will always be in fashion, and being beautiful isn’t new - it’s classic.

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Photo by Les Anderson

LES 01537 2016
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5 out of 5 stars

My print turned out amazing!

It fits perfectly in my entryway. I love the little story that comes with the print explaining where the photo was taken. The website is very user friendly and aesthetically pleasing. Truly a great experience!


5 out of 5 stars

Causes me to slow down

In a world flooded with fast imagery, Nathan's photography causes me to slow down, to consider the story, to stay awhile and wonder.

The photograph of the fox - The fox is totally unaware of the photographer, makes me feel like a fly on the wall - or a petal on these purple flowers reviewing the world from his perspective.

Paul Hassell - Professional Adventure Photographer

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