LES 04813 2016

Fresh Reflection




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One of the true joys of new destinations is the ability to be purposely alone, fully independent, even when surrounded by people on the street. You can hear the chatter and buzz of everyday life but you aren’t a forced part of it. The energy of the environment, such as this cafe lined street, can sweep you in without demanding anything from you in return. In new territories you are granted the gift of being the observer and the total decision maker.

I wonder if that is what the dark haired woman in gray, sitting alone but not lonely, at her outdoor cafe table is soaking in. The sort of peace that comes from knowing the world has space just for you, even in the middle of a busy sidewalk. A chance to clear her mind of the day and stay somewhere a while that holds no expectations of who she is or what she should be doing.

The best part is that finding new spaces doesn’t have to be complicated. Perhaps you simply walk down a different downtown sidewalk or take a scenic drive to the next town over to try out a new spot for coffee. It’s that purposeful change in the environment we surround ourselves with that takes us in and freshens our thoughts. If we are lucky, we might even be able to sit down and stay awhile, just being us.

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Photo by Les Anderson

LES 04813 2016
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5 out of 5 stars

My print turned out amazing!

It fits perfectly in my entryway. I love the little story that comes with the print explaining where the photo was taken. The website is very user friendly and aesthetically pleasing. Truly a great experience!


5 out of 5 stars

Causes me to slow down

In a world flooded with fast imagery, Nathan's photography causes me to slow down, to consider the story, to stay awhile and wonder.

The photograph of the fox - The fox is totally unaware of the photographer, makes me feel like a fly on the wall - or a petal on these purple flowers reviewing the world from his perspective.

Paul Hassell - Professional Adventure Photographer

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