Crowded Solitude

Busy, but not crowded. A lot of noise, but it's not loud. It's an environment you can't replicate with headphones, and it's never exactly the same. Being surrounded by people while being alone and escaping can be such a nice feeling. It's not about the escape the same way TV is or how exercise can be. It's a unique place to think — a new place to go and focus differently. I even use it as a place to trap myself sometimes, not being able to leave until I write a story or choose a new photo.

LES 04813 2016

It's never felt like enough to just post these photos. There's so much potential story behind these photos, and for these older ones from Les, I don't have a story to back it up. My favourite thing to do is place myself in the photo. Even just in a small way, it brings it back to my life and makes it a little more special to me. This one was a little easier since I write most of these stories at coffee shops. The balance here is I want you to be able to do the same. To place yourself into this photo as any one of these people and give it meaning for yourself gives this photo the most meaning.