Fascinated Power

I think Les was always fascinated by Churches. He seemed drawn to photographing them whatever city he happened to be visiting. I imagine him randomly stumbling onto this photo by wandering into this church and adventuring for a while. These kids all seem to be looking up in amazement at whatever they see on the ceiling. I imagine this was a pretty cool field trip (or boring, depending on the kid).

LES 04456 2016

Being fascinated has so much power. It carries so much optimism to being curious in whatever it happens to be. I don't think I would have ever picked up a camera if the technology wasn't so fascinating to me. Even before I seriously started doing photography, it was all fascinating to me. The technology, the editing, the entire process. Funny enough, the part that was never as interesting to me was the travel. I love just photographing on any little travel trip like going to see family for the weekend or a family Christmas trip. Some trips I take now are only for photography. I enjoy any trip, and I'll try to get some photos where ever I go. I think Les thought of it the same way.