Golden Curiosity

Acadia National Park, Maine, in the fall of 2020. It was so busy with water, rocks, and waves; it was hard to find the photos I wanted. I visited this spot the night before and took a few shots on a few different rocks to get the feel. The next day this one one of the first spots I tried.

NDA 2249 Edit

I just finished watching a show that should have been terrible. A character from a short series of commercials was turned into a T.V. show. I remember seeing the cover and playing the first episode, thinking, "hopefully, it's at least a little funny." A quote came up during an episode from Walt Whitman: "Be curious, not judgmental." This quote usually makes me think about how I view others, but this particular trip to Maine makes me think about it for how I judge myself.

I tend to make a lot of things more complicated. One time my business partner said, "If you tell Nathan to walk in a straight line from here to there, he'll zig and zag all over the place before he gets to the end." He's not at all wrong. The worst part is that when I get to the end, I'm usually upset with myself, saying things like: "What a crazy line. You really couldn't make that simpler?". This quote, "Be curious, not judgemental," makes me think of that question I ask myself at the end. What if I had asked more questions before I started? Like how far is it from here to there? Can I jump instead of walk? What about running? Do I get a break if it's far away?

Here's an actual example: I had a really fun project I got to do that, without giving it away, was a very unique project. Before we even started, I was asked how long the project would take. I only looked into if it was possible and how fast the work could be done. I didn't ask myself what it would cost me to do that much work that quickly. I didn't ask myself about anything but this project. The funny thing was, at the end of everything, it took way longer than originally estimated, so I could have given at least a two or three times longer estimate.

This was supposed to be a fall trip. Acadia is a great fall location, and it was pretty much peak colors for the park. These cliffs weren't one of the featured locations. It has nothing really change in the fall because it's just a cliffside on the ocean. It wasn't busy with all the tourists and photographers like most of the other locations (Acadia isn't a large park). But this spot was the most interesting to me.

Every time I see this photo now, I think of that quote: "Be curious, not judgemental." And I think of it for myself in addition to how I see other people.

P.S. The show I mentioned is 'Ted Lasso' on Apple T.V. Give it a try (it's very good).