Lost Happiness

Imagine it. It's summer. Perfect weather out. Bright, but it's okay since you've got your shades and you're just now sitting in under a tree with a great friend. You don't exactly know what a "basket party" is, but you know they're not allowed at this restaurant. It's early afternoon on a Sunday, and this is your first time in this little town.

LES 01522 2016

These are the kind of days that make me truly happy. It's not some big trip or some specifically exciting trip, just a calm day with a good friend. Sometimes that's all the excitement I need. Typically, I push myself to a breaking point just before going on a trip. I think the thought has always been: "I'll rest on the trip, so I can go over the limit now." What I've found is that when I really burn myself out, these moments lose that happiness. Without real rest, it's hard to appreciate the little things like this that have absolute joy in them. Kind of ironic that without rest, something like this doesn't even feel like fun. My brain just feels fried. I'm just annoyed at the smallest things. Like "why is it so sunny" or "why can't I have a basket party if I want to?!"⠀

Take a break. Get some rest. Even if just so you don't miss these moments.