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Spirited Time

If the journey is more important than the destination, what's the rush? Why not take things slow enough to enjoy where the trip. Maybe even slow enough to see someone you know on the side of the street. It can make the world feel so much more peaceful to slow down. Especially when it's easy to let your mind move into overdrive and process a ton of information super fast. Just because it's possible doesn't mean you have to go as fast as you can.

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LES 05538 2017

Temporarily Alone

Sometimes at sunset, the sky explodes. It goes through a phase of being insanely colorful and dynamic before settling into a single color as the sun finally goes down. It feels like life can go through the same phase at times. Getting messy before finally calming down and settling into something beautiful. Is there anything good in that mess, or is it just something you have to get through? I think of it a lot like a sunset. It's more difficult. It's a mess. It also has some beauty that you're never going to be able to get back. Never going to be able to replicate through willpower or anything.

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NDA Cape Cod Summer 0499 2019

Predicting Fortune

There's not much photography you can predict. Some of it has intense planning, location scouting, and you can generally find out what you're going to shoot before the moment you take the shot. So much of it is just getting out into the world and seeing what you find. It can be frustrating. You can't guarantee results - you could go a whole year with multiple photo trips and not have any particularly good luck.

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NDA Cape Cod Summer 0211 2019

Silent Peace

Peace doesn't just appear in silence. It makes you work to find it. Peace doesn't care if it's loud or quiet. And everything that hinders peace - hostility, anger, rage, depression, anxiety - they all get louder in silence if they're not kept in their place. They become out of control when silence comes around. Everything left undone becomes so obvious to me in the silence.

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Screenshot 2021 04 11 185331

Determined Understanding⠀

It feels impossible. It doesn't even make sense. Are you just supposed to guess? You keep looking, and looking, and asking questions. Some pieces are starting to come together. These two parts make sense. And those three go together. Eventually, it's beginning to come together, but it's still disconnected. Then, all of a sudden, it clicks. And now, somehow, it feels obvious, and you tell yourself that it never should have been a struggle in the first place. ⠀

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NDA 08369 2017

Accepting Beauty

A spontaneous trip to Alaska, anyone? What if I told you it was a 2,439-mile road trip? My grandfather (Les) recruited my dad (Kurt) for this trip with just two weeks' notice. They pulled off the drive, though—Oregon to Alaska in a brand new 1991 Toyota 4-Runner. ⠀

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LES 03729 2016

Fascinated Power

I think Les was always fascinated by Churches. He seemed drawn to photographing them whatever city he happened to be visiting. I imagine him randomly stumbling onto this photo by wandering into this church and adventuring for a while. These kids all seem to be looking up in amazement at whatever they see on the ceiling. I imagine this was a pretty cool field trip (or boring, depending on the kid).

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LES 04456 2016

Lost Happiness

Imagine it. It's summer. Perfect weather out. Bright, but it's okay since you've got your shades and you're just now sitting in under a tree with a great friend. You don't exactly know what a "basket party" is, but you know they're not allowed at this restaurant. It's early afternoon on a Sunday, and this is your first time in this little town.

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LES 01522 2016

Wondering Fascination

Do you think she's waiting on someone or lost? I think she was seeing someone she knows just as this picture was taken. Les always seemed to photograph flowers wherever he went - even in a city like this photo (I choose to believe this one is Paris). I'm not sure if the style stood out at the time, but it sure does today. That's the comment I get the most from these old photos are about the fashion in them. ⠀

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LES 01537 2016

Restless Details

You can't skip the details. Sometimes it's just sitting alone for a little bit longer. Sometimes it's taking the time to do those little things you never want to do, like cleaning the dishes or flossing. You know it is worth it, and you'd never tell someone *not* to do it, but sometimes all you want is to skip over it. I've been doing this recently. Just letting those details slip. They really add up.

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NDA Tremont Fall 0012 2020

Crowded Solitude

Busy, but not crowded. A lot of noise, but it's not loud. It's an environment you can't replicate with headphones, and it's never exactly the same. Being surrounded by people while being alone and escaping can be such a nice feeling. It's not about the escape the same way TV is or how exercise can be. It's a unique place to think — a new place to go and focus differently. I even use it as a place to trap myself sometimes, not being able to leave until I write a story or choose a new photo.

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LES 04813 2016

Uncertain Peace

I was waiting for a different photo. I was there for a different photo. This photo is at Mayflower Gulch in Colorado, a super easy, nice location to visit. I was hoping for some new photos of the milky way at Mayflower this year. None of it went to plan. The research I did beforehand didn't turn out to be right, and the weather didn't pan out the way I was hoping.

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NDA Colorado Summer 02284 2020 Edit

Golden Curiosity

Acadia National Park, Maine, in the fall of 2020. It was so busy with water, rocks, and waves; it was hard to find the photos I wanted. I visited this spot the night before and took a few shots on a few different rocks to get the feel. The next day this one one of the first spots I tried.

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NDA 2249 Edit

Comfortable Wonder

I imagine it's spring here, between and clothing and sunlight. The bakery window has a rare emptiness in front, and the window has a splash of sunlight on the display. The car really brings all the colors together. The whole photo makes me feel comfortable.

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LES 04449 2016

Blue Hope

There are times where the only thing I want to do is give up. The day I took this photo was one of them.

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NDA Cape Cod Summer 0522 2019

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