LES 03729 2016
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Accepting Beauty



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Accepting Beauty

A spontaneous trip to Alaska, anyone? What if I told you it was a 2,439-mile road trip? My grandfather (Les) recruited my dad (Kurt) for this trip with just two weeks' notice. They pulled off the drive, though—Oregon to Alaska in a brand new 1991 Toyota 4-Runner. ⠀

LES 03729 2016

Les would always do that. The last-second adventure. It's funny, but all my trips seem to be the opposite. Partially because I have to and because the journey itself isn't the joy for me, it's scenes like this one. The stunning views make you stop in your tracks. Even when there's no excellent photo around, I like to take it all in just for the view. I can get hung up on finding more photos and getting to another view, but it's just about seeing some more amazing views at the end of the day. ⠀

This has become my most viewed photos over the last four years on Unsplash.com, toppling three hundred seventy million views on its own. It feels hard to imagine, but there are many places Unsplash feeds photos like this one into other apps and websites. For comparison, my next most popular photo on Unsplash has thirty-five million views. That's a huge gap, even with numbers this big. It's also the single most significant factor that adds to my over 1 billion total views from photos on Unsplash.⠀

So, why is this photo so different? What stops everyone in their tracks when they see it. You know when you see someone race to the edge of a cliff to look at an overview? Or when people realize how beautiful and full of color sunset is? That feeling - the urge to have to go look and take in the view, that's what this photo has. ⠀

It's a rare thing.