NDA Cape Cod Summer 0522 2019
Large blue hope
Regular blue hope 2x
NDA Frame Templates 0010 2021

Blue Hope



Hand printed by me, no big print shops.

Border for mat or borderless printing

Shipped flat, never rolled up

Unique paper to fit the specific photo



How many?

Blue Hope

There are times where the only thing I want to do is give up. The day I took this photo was one of them.

NDA Cape Cod Summer 0522 2019

I was scrambling all week to get any photos and I wasn't having any luck. Even worse, I was missing most of my chances to even get photos by doing way too much without actually adding "relax, it's a vacation" to the list (there's always a list). It's a bad habit I've developed to make even a vacation feel crazy and hectic just to keep that working-and-distracted feeling going.

It was the last night of the trip and I just didn't want to try to take photos anymore. The week was a bust. The weather was crazy. At the end of the day, I didn't have nearly enough awful excuses so I still went. I picked a random harbour I found on Google maps with zero knowledge of what I'd be getting into. Least I got there on time.

I ended up with one of my favourite photos to date. Once the sun started to set it was obvious that it was going to be special. A perfect amount of clouds kept away the color while leaving a a bit of pink to bleed through the clouds.