NDA 08369 2017
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Determined Understanding



Hand printed by me, no big print shops.

Border for mat or borderless printing

Shipped flat, never rolled up

Unique paper to fit the specific photo



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Determined Understanding⠀

It feels impossible. It doesn't even make sense. Are you just supposed to guess? You keep looking, and looking, and asking questions. Some pieces are starting to come together. These two parts make sense. And those three go together. Eventually, it's beginning to come together, but it's still disconnected. Then, all of a sudden, it clicks. And now, somehow, it feels obvious, and you tell yourself that it never should have been a struggle in the first place. ⠀

NDA 08369 2017

The process of trying to understand can look so scattered and messy that it can leave me feeling like I'm drowning. Then somehow, when I finally make it through, I tell myself it should have even easy. "Look at how simple it turned out to be" "You shouldn't have even struggled with that in the first place."⠀

It's hard to understand this photo at first. Many people seem to think it's of the actual forest itself, of the trees with maybe a mountain in the distance, or these are trees lining the top of a mountain. This photo is actually the shadows of the forest onto the ground. It was late afternoon, the forest cast a large shadow onto an empty field of snow. From a drone looking straight down, you could see the perfectly formed shadows. ⠀

Such an incredible showcase of how demanding both light and shadow can be. It always looked obvious to me until I started showing people and getting more and more questions. Did you see it right away? ⠀

Sometimes it doesn't feel like anyone could possibly see things differently than us. It doesn't even make sense. It feels impossible. Just keep looking. Even if you don't like the shapes it ends up being, it helps an awful lot to see what other people see.