NDA Cape Cod Summer 0211 2019
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Predicting Fortune



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Predicting Fortune

There's not much photography you can predict. Some of it has intense planning, location scouting, and you can generally find out what you're going to shoot before the moment you take the shot. So much of it is just getting out into the world and seeing what you find. It can be frustrating. You can't guarantee results - you could go a whole year with multiple photo trips and not have any particularly good luck.

NDA Cape Cod Summer 0211 2019

When you let go of that desire to control the results, all of this is what makes photography so exciting. No one can copy this image. The waves and sky are unpredictable, and the conditions are always totally random. I took this photo on a quick sailboat trip on Nantucket Sound, and there wasn't a cloud in the sky when we started. Also, we didn't end up getting caught in that storm.

Sometimes life is a lot more fun when it's like photography. Even when it's a good thing, the predictable can be pretty dull. Often it doesn't feel like it is enough to do one different something on purpose, like changing your schedule slightly or doing one other thing that evening. It doesn't just magically work. Like photography, you have to keep trying. Keep going out, and eventually, hopefully, you'll see a different landscape. One that no one else can copy.