NDA Tremont Fall 0012 2020
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Restless Details



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Restless Details

You can't skip the details. Sometimes it's just sitting alone for a little bit longer. Sometimes it's taking the time to do those little things you never want to do, like cleaning the dishes or flossing. You know it is worth it, and you'd never tell someone *not* to do it, but sometimes all you want is to skip over it. I've been doing this recently. Just letting those details slip. They really add up.

NDA Tremont Fall 0012 2020

This photo was taken in Smoky Mountain National Park at Tremont. Way back on one of the trails, I'm not even sure which one it was exactly. I was frustrated before I slowed down to take this photo. My dad and I go up to Tremont every fall, and we immediately got separated on the trail. We must have just missed each other 10 times that day. Thinking the other one would be at a trailhead or by the car. It wasn't like we *had* to stick together; we just didn't plan on getting separated, so it felt off. I finally stopped worrying about it and just kept walking the trail. I was away from the more obvious shots along the river that you usually see up there in the fall. Instead of rushing to the next spot where the river crossed, I just looked around the forest. I love finding little details in the forest like this tree. Easy to miss and not specifically exciting until you really notice it. It's just a little detail. The kind of detail that's easy to pass and never think about, but if you take the time to slow down and notice it, it pays off.

Funny how that works, isn't it?