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Silent Peace



Hand printed by me, no big print shops.

Border for mat or borderless printing

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Silent Peace

Peace doesn't just appear in silence. It makes you work to find it. Peace doesn't care if it's loud or quiet. And everything that hinders peace - hostility, anger, rage, depression, anxiety - they all get louder in silence if they're not kept in their place. They become out of control when silence comes around. Everything left undone becomes so obvious to me in the silence.

Screenshot 2021 04 11 185331

Any place where you're lucky enough to see the milk way lets you experience true silence. If I'm overly anxious, it can become a nightmare. Just walking seems too loud for the environment. It's dark, really dark, even with the flashlight. You constantly feel like you're not alone when you're the only thing around for miles, with anxiety flowing through your head. When you're more at ease before stepping into the silence, you can experience peace. Suddenly the darkness is beautiful, just looking up at the stars and realizing you can only see them so well because it's so dark. The flashlight is too much now. You don't want any light except for the stars. The loneliness becomes welcoming. It's a unique moment where being alone is a special experience with just you and the stars.

Photos like this one are created with a different kind of work than most. It's isn't a chance that I ended up at this place at this time. I knew exactly what I'd see. I knew exactly what to expect. If you're not prepared, mentally, going out at night is tough. It's late, and it's pitch black. You're a little paranoid about the frequent moose and bear sightings and maybe a little extra cautious about how many people seem to get themselves lost on that trail. Because of all this, peace can be hard to come by, even in the silence. It's not automatic. It isn't a spontaneous adventure. It's a lot of work.

For me, searching for peace can feel like the search for stars like these. It can be a lot of work, but it's so worth it.