LES 05538 2017
Large Motorcycle 2x
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NDA Frame Templates 0010 2021

Spirited Time



Hand printed by me, no big print shops.

Border for mat or borderless printing

Shipped flat, never rolled up

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Spirited Time

If the journey is more important than the destination, what's the rush? Why not take things slow enough to enjoy where the trip. Maybe even slow enough to see someone you know on the side of the street. It can make the world feel so much more peaceful to slow down. Especially when it's easy to let your mind move into overdrive and process a ton of information super fast. Just because it's possible doesn't mean you have to go as fast as you can.

LES 05538 2017

Sometimes going slow has to be forced. Like more calming music at the end of the day or taking a walk outside instead of browsing feeds for twenty minutes. I find it much more difficult for my brain to rush into overdrive when the world around me slows down. I tend to slow down right alongside it.

What is the rush? It always feels like an illusion that you have to go 100 miles an hour all the time. Sure we only have so much time. We can't help that. But if we're just along for the ride, it seems like we ought to be going slow enough to truly enjoy the journey. Let it not be such a blur.

I hope you're able to slow down just a little bit. Just enough to enjoy what's passing by.