NDA Cape Cod Summer 0499 2019
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Temporarily Alone



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Temporarily Alone

Sometimes at sunset, the sky explodes. It goes through a phase of being insanely colorful and dynamic before settling into a single color as the sun finally goes down. It feels like life can go through the same phase at times. Getting messy before finally calming down and settling into something beautiful. Is there anything good in that mess, or is it just something you have to get through? I think of it a lot like a sunset. It's more difficult. It's a mess. It also has some beauty that you're never going to be able to get back. Never going to be able to replicate through willpower or anything.

NDA Cape Cod Summer 0499 2019

I was frantically trying to get photos during this sky explosion phase of sunset at Rock Harbor Marsh in Cape Cod, MA, in the summer of 2019. Shooting into Cape Cod Bay gives you more peaceful water. Despite, the calm this intense, wavy grass and the colorful sky painted a different picture at the peak of sunset. I was moving around constantly but always focused on this grass, the sky sun. Always fixed on a single point while the dynamic sky changed constantly.

It never feels as easy to find that one fixed point to focus on during the more messy times in life. There isn't always something right in front of your face saying, "look over here." It doesn't mean you are lost. Recognizing that it isn't forever and there's another phase coming can make a world of difference.

I hope that even if things are messy for you, you take some comfort in knowing it will change.