LES 01537 2016
Large Wondering Fascination 2x
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Wondering Fascination



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How many?

Wondering Fascination

Do you think she's waiting on someone or lost? I think she was seeing someone she knows just as this picture was taken. Les always seemed to photograph flowers wherever he went - even in a city like this photo (I choose to believe this one is Paris). I'm not sure if the style stood out at the time, but it sure does today. That's the comment I get the most from these old photos are about the fashion in them. ⠀

LES 01537 2016

It's always interesting to see how people wait — even just something simple like coffee or the bus. We have the opportunity to be so distracted while waiting now. I don't see it from everyone though, some let their mind wander instead of frantically jumping from one thing to another. It always seems like the busy ones are the most impatient too. Not being bored seems to always go hand in hand with not containing your brief anger or even stopping you from being annoyed with the small things. Amazing how much waiting can help.⠀

It's incredible to find photos like this one. This frozen moment stands on its own with its colors and people.