Uncertain Peace

I was waiting for a different photo. I was there for a different photo. This photo is at Mayflower Gulch in Colorado, a super easy, nice location to visit. I was hoping for some new photos of the milky way at Mayflower this year. None of it went to plan. The research I did beforehand didn't turn out to be right, and the weather didn't pan out the way I was hoping.

NDA Colorado Summer 02284 2020 Edit

Standing at the edge of this patch of thick grass and little tiny flowers, I was waiting for the sun to go down. Hopeful I could still get close to what I had shown up to see. With the sunlight hitting this peak and an absence of what I had shown up for, I ended up getting some photos of this view instead.

Going on a photoshoot can make me feel peaceful, even though it's usually filled with a lot of uncertainty. That's so weird to me. Uncertainty is usually uncomfortable. Going on shoots, I never know what to expect. Usually, I'm going to a completely new place, and even when I'm not, the weather, season, or something else is bound to be different. The best photos I've gotten to date are (almost) all places I had been to at least twice if not three times. Even with that, it's never the same. And I never know what to expect. There's just one thing I can always count on: There's going to be a peaceful moment, even if it's just when I'm hitting the shutter. Even on the bad shots (most of them are bad). There's a peace I know is going to be there every time.